While I was in Las Vegas for NAB last month, I was interviewed by Bill Desowitz, editor of VFXWorld. The article covers many parts of NAB, but on page 3, the last paragraph of the article I’m quoted. Oh yeah, I’m almost famous! 🙂

“In order to make the process work, we actually had to re-composite the left eye as well, so we did deliver both the right eye and left eye going through our pipeline,” added computer graphics supervisor Nordin Rahhali. “The main reason is to remove any discrepancies in the left eye and our reconstructed right eye. We also created effects as well; namely, rain and dust. We couldn’t raytrace those scenes: all we could was take the imagery that they had given us and re-project those, and, in some cases, where you have a very reflective surface, we had to actually recreate them by projection techniques. It’s an interesting process.”

Here’s the link to the whole article. NAB2007: Seeing Red & More Efficient Workflows