Greetings to all!  You may or may not have noticed but now looks very different! It’s a new and improved, complete with a custom photoblog theme that I call Shades of Grey..  I know, the name is a stretch right?  I actually heavily modified another theme that it is based on called Viewport.  I hope you like it.  I was searching for something that I could build off of that was clean and functional for displaying photography first and foremost, but also useful to use in a traditional blog format; It’s something I’m calling, ahem.. Blogography.  I think this does it.

Just to note some of the new features of this site.

  • A slick front page panel that displays the latest posts
  • A clean interface, made for viewing photography on a dark neutral background (which I think looks best on most occasions)
  • Support for streaming HD video
  • Social commenting system implemented via Disqus commenting integration (You can use your profile from a number of different social sites to leave a message here)
  • Social bookmarking/sharing provided by icons above each post (post pages to Digg,, reddit and others)

I’m also in the middle of reorganizing my photos and I plan to soon offer services to purchase my work on different mediums.  From digital downloads to small and large prints, to posters and canvases, to framed art as well.  These are services I hope to integrate seamlessly with in the near future, so keep check back often for updates, or better yet subscribe to my blog via rss!

While the site is visually almost done, I’m still fine tuning the backend.  So if you experience odd hiccups, broken links, format issues.  Please let me know and bear with me as I update and fix these issues.  Also, if you have any suggestions please let me know!  I’m still in the mode where I can make changes so don’t be shy with giving me your opinion!


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