I borrowed my works 85mm f/1.2L II for a day (or night as it turned out).  This is a lens I’ve been toying with buying for over a year.  It’s a beautiful lens but it also costs nearly $2,000!!  So I’ve been playing with it while I can to remind myself if I need to buy it..  Like I actually needed any reminding!

Well, I went out for a little while one night last month to walk around my neighborhood.  It was an interesting evening as there was a marine layer rolling in creating fog, although I wish it were more dense it still added some mood.


Shot by 3rd st. Promenade, on a store front which has all sorts of broken reflective surfaces.  My new buddy icon!  Plus…  I look a little like, Ninja!  And it doesn’t get more bad ass than Ninja’s!

3D Books

Book store front.  I loved the art piece on the store front with 3D glasses, and I love the lighting and contrasting book convers behind her.

Alien Parking

Bizzare, a home that’s downtown wedged between two buildings and a parking lot.  I liked the colour and symmetry here.

I don't always drink beer...

I stopped by the local watering hole.  This isn’t actually Duvel, but it is a Belgian ale.

Iron Man, staying dry

Iron Man 2:  Supporting Prop 8!

Bokeh!  I like the frame these branches made around the clock tower.. Plus the fog adds something nice to the back ground.

Hehe, this is basically Bokeh porn..  What’s wrong with that?  I processed the image  to give it look of cross processed film.  I was happy with the result.

More Bokeh porn!  Does it ever get old?


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