So, this is the camera I’ve been waiting on to upgrade my aging Canon 10D.  I love the Canon 5D but I was holding out for its replacement.  I heard the announcement was coming up soon so I was literally checking out Keith Coopers’ website 5 times a day for new information.  His website is loaded with good information and reviews BTW, I recommend visiting.  So when I finally read the specs and unveiling..  well, hot diggedy damn!

The big surprise for me was the fact that the new 5D MK II is able to handle 1080P movies at 30fps.  Being able to do this all the while utilizing all of my lenses, and the camera’s low light capabilities the quality could possibly rival professional HD cameras..  It is amazing.  If the movie quality does hold up, what a pretty big achievement for a DSLR!  Imagine how this could change how people shoot?  Photojournalists, wedding photographers, sports, indie film makers and more.  The ability to capture good quality video while maintaining amazing still image quality whenever needed all in one body simply seems to good to be true, yet here we are with the 5D MK II.

I’ve been following Vincent Laforet’s blog about him getting his hands on the pre-production 5D Mark II model for 72 hours and shooting a short film with it.  He’s absolutely raving about it and his excitement is infectious.  For those who don’t know who Vincent is, he’s an amazing photographer who shoots regularly for the New York Times, and who’s work has been published in “Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, and Life Magazine”.   He’s a very interesting person judging from his work and reading his blog.  Read more about Vincent here.

You can read about the 5D Mark II and all of the amazing specs over at’s hands on preview of the new 5D Mark II.  There are some stills and some video footage there.  Grab a handkerchief, you’ll need it to wipe the drool from your chin.

I have my 5D Mark II on pre-order, they should be shipping in November…  I can’t wait!

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