I was on set the other month, doing a shoot for Nintendo’s new DS game called Picross 3D, and when not shooting reference and taking notes I went for a walkabout.  I don’t go downtown very often.  Partially because I live next to the ocean, and why would anyone *want* to drive inland?  And the other reason is downtown used to be not just nasty, but *nartsy* (that’s worse than nasty for those who don’t know).  Ok, neither one of these points is a good excuse..

Honestly though I just never get around to going.  The rare time that I do I always get a nostagic feeling of Toronto; All the concrete, people, tall buildings, noise and public transportation and homeless folks..  Yeah, it all brings back big city living!  🙂  It’s cool to go though, and I was able to walk around for a couple of hours exploring.  The verdict?  I need to go more often, there’s a bunch of interesting things to see and do downtown.

Anyways, here’s a few photo’s from April.


Metal Waves

Mickeys' Abstraction

Lame Pigeon on glass



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