Two good things happened today.

  • My new lens came in!  I now (finally) own my very own (sharp) copy of the legendary Canon 85mm f/1.2L II lens!
  • Lightroom 3 is out!

So I went to grab the new LR3 beta, which I’ve been procrastinating on trying for a while now.  Upon going to Adobe to download it, they say it’s not available for purchase!  What?  Amazon had it listed coming out July 1st, so I promptly bought the upgrade!

I’ve only spent a little time with it, but I’m very impressed with it so far.  Here’s a few quick thoughts on it.

  • It’s fast!  Feels faster than LR2.
  • The new lens corrections tools are sweet!  A lot Canon/Nikon and other lenses are profiled, and the moment I turned it on it corrected my lenses vignetting and warping! Very cool!
  • Speaking of vignetting, LR3 finally handles post crop vignettes properly!  I hated LR2’s handling of it.  LR2 would do full frame and post crop vignettes differently in terms of how it added the effect.  On full frame, you would get a very natural darkening, the over exposed areas would have detail brought back in if it was there before.  The post crop was a cheap multiplier, where the over exposed would just become a gray mess, instead of bringing back detail.  Well LR3 now supports 3 different methods, and all work on post crops.
  • There’s a grain tool, and it’s freaking sweet!  Grain (oddly enough) is one of the things I miss most from shooting film.  It’s not the same, but it’s very nice to add grittiness and character.  I used it in the self portrait directly below.
  • It supports video!  You can catalog all of your video now, yay!
  • Sensor noise caused by high ISO’s are handled WAY better now.  I still need to play with it more, but it’s pretty impressive how much noise can be eliminated while retaining detail and not making the photo look like an abstract painting.
  • Oh yeah, LR3 supports Flickr directly now, including posting/replying to comments.

Just my preliminary thoughts, more to come later.  So far, completely worth the $99 upgrade!

Canon 85mm 1.2L II & Lightroom3!

I like ze grain…

Canon 85mm 1.2L II & Lightroom3! Non Grain

I also like sharp lenses!


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