Just a prelude, I was a Tribes fanatic.. There I said it. I loved that game and that game loved me. NO other game has ever taken my interest or time as much as it. Then Tribes 2 came out which was good, but I never got into it like the original. Other Tribes games came out and I haven’t even bothered playing them. No other game that I’ve seen or played engaged me the same way as my good ol’ friend Tribes did…

Then one day came a game called Battlefield 1942. BF1942 was the closest thing to experiencing the joy of Tribes, and I played many a long night with her. Then the relationship tapered off, we just out grew eachother I guess. But her younger, hot sister Battlefield 2 has been released this year, and hot damn! I’m lovin it.

Now I can never afford to ever become as engrossed in any game again as much as Tribes again(a family, kids, and work will do that to you), but I can still have moments of pure gaming joy, and Battlefield 2 will deliver that!… Once you patch the game, figure out system hiccups and all.. but after all of that, a great game awaits I swear! There are a ton of links and reviews on the net, just google it. But this mans opinion says… Great stuff! Check it out!