Hot damn! My boy GSP went down against Matt Serra. I thought this might be a lot tougher of a fight than people were giving Serra credit for, but damn! I didn’t think he’d pull out a win against Georges!

Wow. I’m still stunned. I was elated after watching Koscheck beat Sanchez (giddy actually, Sanchez annoys the hell out of me). After seeing Diego Sanchez shove Josh Koscheck at the weigh-ins, I had even less respect for him. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good fighter, I just don’t like him much. Koscheck on the other hand, he reminds me of GSP. He’s fast, athletic and is fun to watch. I was hoping to see a GSP vs Koscheck title match, but I guess that will have to wait now. Doh!

I’m sure GSP will bounce back and find the same hunger and drive that led him to rip through his competition.

Congratulations to Matt Serra though, he beat the champ and deserves the belt. Enjoy it until Georges “Rush” St. Pierre comes to take it back!

I love MMA.

UFC 69