I finally had a chance to get out and see a movie in the theatre. I took my daughter Yasmina to see Pixar’s new film Ratatouille. I actually had high hopes for this film, I think Brad Bird is fantastic and have yet to be disappointed by his other works.

Let me say this, Ratatouille is amazing.

Certain movies make me happy to be working in Film, this is one of those movies. Pixar again reminds me why they, when at their best, are the absolute best in the business by a very significant margin. There is so much subtlety in their work, they are perfectionists and that is something that I share; I appreciate few things more than seeing others attempt to reach that lofty goal and get close. To me, Ratatouille is right up their with the best of Pixar.

It’s hard for me to come up with a definitive list of favourites among Pixar films, to do that I’d probably have to see them again in close succession. My least favourite Pixar film is Cars, and Bugs Life. Even at their “worst” they are far better than most. I can’t wait to own this on in HD,

Also, since I’m living in America now, Happy 4th of July!