I noticed today that my old pre-wordpress page of music was no longer available (which may have been a good thing? lol) so I found it and am making it an official post. No need hiding the page with a timestamp of when it was actually made (2002 I think), I’ll just post it as something “new”.

On to the original post…

Until I get around to filling this section up with good tunes and whatever else is music related. Allow me to share with you all my transition from humble vfx guy to Music Producing King!!! Oh yeah baby, hear the talent oozing forth from this web site for all the web to witness. 😀

You can check out some of my creations. These were all done as part of learning Fruity Loops 3 (which is very nice BTW). None are really “finished”, but in a “I’ll leave it until later” state. Please check them out for a laugh, or two, or uncontrollable fits of laughter. Some of them are not all that bad in my opinion, but you be the judge.

These are all from my forth coming album entitled “Can you feel the funk?”, listed in the order I made them.

Funk Numero Uno - Nordin \"CircusBoy\" Rahhali     

Baby Back Funk - Nordin \"CircusBoy\" Rahhali     

Island Funk - Nordin \"CircusBoy\" Rahhali     

Garbage Funk - Nordin \"CircusBoy\" Rahhali     

BringTheFunk! - Nordin \"STRiDOR\" Rahhali