Here’s my quick review of the eVGA Geforce 7800GS CO 256MB that I picked up from Newegg. A great card if you still have an AGP system!


  • A great Boost for aging AGP systems!
  • Fast! This thing is a monster, BF2 and my other games have never played so smooth.
  • DirectX 9
  • Personal taste, but I prefer Nvidia’s drivers and software to that of ATI’s, so bonus for me!
  • Gotta love Newegg! I love that site.


  • Very long card, it was difficult getting into my system config.
  • No HDTV out- No second DVI output.

My atypical system (I never take the easy route.. 😐 )

Athlon 64 3200+
3×512 Corsair XMS 3200C2
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
4x150gb WD SATA in RAID 0+1
300gb Maxtor ATA
60gb Maxtor ATA
Plextor px708a

When I read others saying this card was big, I thought they meant depth, not length! I had to seriously move things around and mod my case a bit to get the damn thing in. Especially since at the end of of the card it takes addition power, making it stick into whatever is there (in my case my stacked HD’s).

This card replaces a dying 1.5 year old ATI Radeon 9600XT. It is at least 2x-3x (visually, haven’t done tests) faster than that card, and that’s with bumping up detail in games too. BF2 runs great, RTW, GuildWars, HF2, all run silky smooth. Any bottleneck now is most likely my cpu and ram!

My install was not simple as I mentioned because of the size, but also once that was done I had to jump through a couple of hoops to get my system happy with it. Because of my ATI-Nvidia system conversion, I did the following.

  • First, I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers before installing the card
  • Then removed the ATI drivers with driver cleaner pro (google that for link)
  • Physically swapped cards
  • Boot up, won’t boot. I start thinking 500W is not powerful enough with 6 HD’s, DVD burner and the card..
  • Clear my mobo’s CMOS
  • Boot up, things work now, configure BIOS etc.- In WinXP, install the downloaded Nvidia drivers
  • All is well!

I’ve read some of the people who’ve had problems with this card, failing after some time. My fingers are crossed that I won’t be one of them! So far the card is fantastic and will hold me over until I build a new PCIE system.

Update: I’ve had the card in my machine working for almost a year. The only thing that happened was my 500w PSU ended up dying 6 months into updating the card. I think this card probably taxed my system a bit too much and helped it to die. I bought a new 750w and things are good again.