So this past year has been pretty horrible for me with anything tech related. After years of having virtually no problems with hardware, everything now seems to want to fail. Hard drives? Failing left and right. Camcorder? Decides to stop ejecting tapes. Computer? Bios chip failure, motherboard toast…

Or so I thought, after a bit of googling, I found out that you can have new Bios’s flashed for a fee, and then it’s up to you to swap chips (which was an interesting story of it’s own). I tried that instead of opting to buy a new motherboard and now my computer lives again! Muhuhahaha! If anyone cares where I bought my chip, I got it from a place in Italy, they were the cheapest and I had no problems. Ahem, I’m just glad it’s back up and running. Man what a pain.

Now about my camcorder, I have a slightly used, just under a year old Sony DCR-PC350. Beautiful little camcorder, takes great movies, picture is sweet. I’ve only put about 5-6 tapes through it, and just over Christmas I decide to put a new one in, but the damn thing won’t eject my freakin’ tape! Bloody hell… So I contact Sony, surely they’ll repair it, it hasn’t been a year yet. I explain my problem, to someone, try some trouble shooting steps, no luck. They then give me all the details of where to ship the unit, and explain that parts are still under warranty, but labour is only 3 months.. ok.. So I ask how much labour is, $315 USD!!! What the bumba! That’s more than 1/4 the purchase price, just to repair the tape eject? Man, I had no idea a big company like Sony won’t even back their products with a minimum 1 year complete warranty. I own Canon, and they cover it all. If I ever buy Sony again, it’ll be with an extended warranty.

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