So I added a few things to the website. For one, I’ve added the glory of favicons! Favicons are the little images that appear next the the URL of your browser. “Nordin, your favicon is perhaps the cutest one I’ve ever seen” you say? Well that’s because it’s a picture of our new baby girl, Freesia!

I found a few ways to make favicons, but nothing was simpler than using this site, simply select an image on your computer, and it creates a favicon you can download from that. Shweet. If you prefer to use Photoshop, then try this site.
The other thing I added was the ability to have an email sent to notify a user when a new comment is made on a post that they’ve commented on already. This should be handy to track threads.

And lastly (and what took the most flippin’ time) was I fixed an issue with Internet Explorer, links weren’t being respected at the top, image based links. But now all seems well. Of course I never use IE only Firefox, which never had any problems with my site.